Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flexibility is on the menu

Today was a GREAT day, head-wise. I had a headache that went from 5-8 on the pain scale every day since last Wednesday. However, I am proud that I was still able to run 13 miles on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Monday, though was a rest day.

So today when my head was feeling much better, even with periods of no pain, I was thrilled. I couldn't WAIT to get home to run. Got home, changed my clothes, grabbed two of the dogs, and out I went. But for whatever reason, I was not feeling good. Usually if I start and I'm wonky, it'll settle within the first mile. However when I passed mile two and my disconnected feeling was still there, I knew that I needed to stop. I called Roy and he picked me up. 

I am learning patience and flexibility. I know that there are some who might say "If you can run 13 miles, you do NOT suffer from chronic pain." The truth is it is BECAUSE I can run long distances that I am living with, not suffering from chronic pain. As an ultra marathoner I have the capacity to put pain on hold. When you're in mile 24 and you know you have 8 more miles until the end of the 50k you learn to take quick body inventory and move on, putting any non-consequential pain out of your mind. It is because I can do that that I think I am doing so well living with the chronic daily headaches. 

I was disappointed today to have to call and finish two miles short of my minimum goal, but like there are times in a race when I have to know when to push on, and when to be smart, today I had to listen to my body and be flexible. 

Today there are a number of storms passing through. Look in one direction and the sky is blue with nary a cloud, look in another and it's black and menacing. In one direction everything is calm, in another the wind is blowing. So throughout the day I'd be feeling good then get a spike of pain that might last 2 minutes or 20. I think that's what was going on as I ran. The weather was just messing with my balance and it made me feel disconnected and like I might fall at any time.

Oh well! I got to hang with my boys (Flik the Bo-Chi and Wiley the Shepard-Heeler) for awhile and be out in the sun! I did finish another mile of incline work on the treadmill so I got 3.5 in today. Not what I wanted, but flexibility is the word of the day. 

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