Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Eat Well to Feel Well

So I've been pescatarian since summer of 2015. As a refresher, that means I eat all fruits and vegetables, dairy, eggs, and fish but no other forms of meat. No beef, pork, or chicken.

Welllllls...one of the problems with that is that the candy food group is big in there and it's also my biggest problem. I love candy. I love candy a lot. Candy is my downfall.

So, I have been pretty much clean eating for about 60-70% of my diet for about 2-3 years now. I am trying to do better. I'd like it to be more like 85% of my diet, but I can't get that candy out of there. I also want my meals to be more organized. Lunch is always super healthy. I have a salad with a variety of vegetables and half an avocado for good fats and protein.

Problem is, or was, on that very healthy diet I actually gained weight. I think it's because during this time I hit menopause and we have higher protein needs. Don't get me wrong, you can get all the protein you need on a pescatarian diet. However, I wasn't.

So, I decided two weeks ago to return to an omnivore diet. I had originally stopped eating meat to see if it would help with my headaches. Of course it didn't...nothing does, but I keep trying. I just didn't really miss meat. After awhile I did realize I missed sushi, so I added back fish. The rest was easy to resist, although I decided that if I wanted it I'd eat it.

So what happened in the last two weeks? Well, I decided part of the reason I didn't miss it was because my darling, sweet, wonderful husband is (don't tell him) a really boring cook. Not his fault! He just is fine with the same old food every week. So I was tired of it. I got an Instantpot and decided I'd do the cooking, which got no argument from him. I made some amazing meals that made great leftovers.

Not only that I lost four pounds and have had a bunch of compliments! I didn't even journal or anything, I had a friend tell me how good I looked on Saturday, plus Tuesday I'd been weighed at the doctor. The doctor's scale said 127, clothes and running shoes and jacket on, late afternoon. I'm a "nekkid as the day I was born" morning weigher. So I decided to step on the scale yesterday and 124.8! I was 129 last time I stepped on the scale, and after I had the flu I felt fluffier so avoided the scale.

So there you go...no longer vegetarian. Hope that doesn't disappoint anyone. If it does, oh well. I'm an adult and I've been feeding myself since I was two and I've been okay so far.

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