Thursday, June 23, 2016

Proud of myself today!!!

I am proud of myself today. I had an SPG block and it only gave me relief for about an hour. Now that's a HUGE bummer, but you know what? I did not cry nor did I wallow. Instead I put on my running shoes and went out for an easy run (you're not supposed to do any strenuous exercise after a block). Flik and I ran for 3.5 miles. It didn't help the pain, but it did help my psyche.

I also met some other goals. I worked on my curriculum for 45 minutes and when the timer went off I stopped. I have decided that I'm going to do that so that it's not August and I'm behind. I'm not going to spend five hours a day on my butt working and getting nowhere, nor am I going to put it off until the end. I'm going to set timers and work in specific periods of time and get things done.

Now I'm going to go relax and take something for my head, which is chronic but in this case, in a very good way.

One of the things my therapist wants me to do is journal more so I am so that's another very good thing.

Feeling happy and positive today even though I'm not better.

Oh and I'm kicking it at the gym lately!

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Run 5 miles
  • Strength training at gym
  • one hour of lesson planning
  • one hour of yard work
  • Find flight home from San Diego
Move on!! I am fierce and strong!

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