Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week One of New Week's Goals

So last week my goals were to exercise at least 10 min a day five times, to fit in some me time and say no when I didn't want to commit to something, and I don't remember the third thing because right now my head really hurts and it hurts more when I try to recall.

I did exercise at least ten minutes a day. One of the days my head was really bad so I set the timer for ten minutes and I played with the dogs for ten minutes as my head pounded. I did it, though! When the ten minutes were up I nearly collapsed. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

The other four times were bootcamp one day, good beasty workout, and three runs including one that was almost 11 miles.

Right now we're having the best weather. In fact it's so nice that we are having record heat by far; yesterday it was 88 degrees and I canceled bootcamp. Last week it was pouring down rain. I think the change in weather so drastic that it's caused just horrible headaches. it's Tuesday and I only lasted half a day yesterday. This morning I knew I shouldn't come to work, but I did. I am suffering my way through it. I can't imagine how I'd teach a regular teaching job. I helped one of my girls with geometry and I just did not get it. I think I confused her more. I know it made my head hurt worse. Finally I gave up and asked some boys to help her.

I want to go home and go for a bike ride or a run, even in the heat (it doesn't bother me that much) but my head is so bad standing up makes me feel like falling down.

SO...goals for this week...

  • Work out for 10 min 5 times a week, at least. (The 10 min is on bad head days. I did not work out yesterday.)
  • Download a bio-feedback app and try to use it at least 2 times
  • Declutter at least 1 thing per day
Oh, and I decided to limit my activities to three; running, my business, and the other thing i do. I can picture and think of the other running to give. That's the thing. My head really hurts. Thinking is hard. I think I'll call my neurologist and try to get in for a block again.

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