Thursday, February 1, 2018

Can I get a Teacher 504?

Yesterday I posted such a positive post, and then last night I had a BAD pancreatitis attack. Of course I had a mountain of papers to grade.

In rides Roy on his white horse to save the day. I couldn't sit, I couldn't focus, I couldn't stand. I was in so much pain. I tried EVERYTHING! I really wanted to go to the ER, but last time they gave me morphine WHICH MAKES IT WORSE! (Morphine causes spasms and I told the doctor that, but he didn't listen to me and guess caused spasms and I went from being at a level 8-9 of pain to a 15! Fucker.) Thank God he helped because I could only do adding up of things and fixing. I just could not read.

Today was better, but I didn't sleep last night of course, and I was still feeling the after effects which is pain, nausea, and severe fatigue. I also had a bad headache (about a 5-7 most of the day). I really should have stayed home today, and would have, if grades weren't due.

After school we had a staff meeting. My day ends at 2:10 and our staff meeting ended at 3:10 so fuckity fuck fuck that noise. I hate that. HATE HATE HATE! I am not hating on my administrator, because ALL FUCKING SCHOOLS DO IT! They just act like teachers are nature's prostitutes, only we just give away our time for free. Never mind I get to work at 6:40 and get paid for a 7.5 hour day, not an 8.5 hour day.

I realized as I'm literally in tears at the meeting (because of a big issue that is keeping money from my program, left by the last administrator) that after this meeting, I have another meeting to go to because I am the school tech person. Now let me remind you, I teach tech support, have worked in tech support for over 23 years now. I read tech articles every morning, and listen to tech podcasts. Oh, and I teach tech support. Part of my job is to attend fucking pointless meetings once a month, and for the last 13 years I have attended about three of them because in the first year I realized that since I teach tech support, THEY WERE A COLOSSAL WASTE OF MY TIME! I don't need to sit in a room full of giggling teachers (the females...thank you for setting females in tech back 20 years, nubs) and men who will ignore me if I have any input at all (oh and women who will talk to me like I'm a nub because they don't know me well enough to get that I know what I'm talking about). So I stopped going.

By the time I would be home, that would be a 12 hour day.

So I mean it. Can I get a 504? I have two chronic illnesses and I think it is unreasonable to expect me to work a 12 hour day, particularly when that last meeting starts a full two hours after the end of my paid time. Oh yes, I get a stipend for tech support. It's a few hundred a month and guess what, I've already burned through that. Are they going to teach me at this meeting how to fix the database for the Dental program's x-ray machine? Nope? Will they help me figure out the POS system in our restaurant? Nope? Then I don't need your meetings. Send me a synopsis.

Yeah, I do think I can spend my time better. And sorry, with the amount of time I put into tech support on my own, I don't think there is much they can teach me that I can't learn on my own when I have energy.

Besides...twelve hours. I can't do it. Sorry. That energy level is no more. I know others can, but right now, I can't. So I left. I also have a valid excuse that I had a sample to get to the lab and that could NOT wait. I arrived at 4:56 and they close at 5:00 Maybe if our staff meeting had ended on time instead of going 40 minutes long...(there is one person who will NOT fucking shut up at the meeting) I could have run it in and run back like a good little minion. But that doesn't take away the fatigue factor or the fact that it keeps me from any form of relief for my pain for 12 hours.

I think I'm going to look up 504s because honestly, I know I'm going to be disciplined for missing this meeting and I need to be prepared.

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